ABOUT our Commission

The Dearborn Commission on Disability Concerns is chartered by the mayor to help make Dearborn a welcoming, accessible city for citizens with disabilities. Through outreach to the community, the commission brings the concerns of disabled citizens directly to the attention of Dearborn’s municipal government and works to address issues and make the city’s programs inclusive and relevant to people with all disabilities.

Please get in touch with us for more information, or if you have specific questions about our programs.

We look forward to working with you.

Blue and white seal for the city. Depicts Henry Ford and a Model T car.

Searching for new commissioners! Come join us at our next meeting.

Next Commission Meeting
Tuesday, September 20, 6-9pm
Dearborn Performing Arts Center
Wetrooms 1 & 2 

Those in need of assistance are encouraged to register for special trash service
The City is offering two options to qualified residents with disabilities and health issues:
1. A smaller (64 gallon) trash cart
2. Pick-up at the side of the house, instead of curb-side.
Residents with physical disabilities or health issues who believe they qualify for either of these options may begin the application process by calling 943-2085. A form completed by a physician may be required. Details will be outlined to residents when they apply.
Jim Murray, Director for Dearborn’s Department of Public Works says “Our priority is the health and safety of our residents. It’s important that people register with us as soon as possible.“

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