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U.S. Access-Board

Voice: (800) 872-2253
TTY: (800) 993-2822
• The Access Board develops and maintains accessibility requirements for the built environment, transit vehicles, telecommunications equipment, and for electronic and information technology.

American Red Cross

Southeastern Michigan Chapter
100 Mack Avenue
Detroit, MI 48244-0110
Voice: (313) 833-4440
American Red Cross

The ARC – Michigan

1325 South Washington Avenue
Lansing, MI 48910
Voice:: 800-292-487-542
• The Arc Michigan to assure that citizens with developmental disabilities are valued and that they and their families can participate fully in and contribute to the life of their community.
ARC Michigan

The ARC – Dearborn/ Dearborn Heights

5487 Shaefer Dearborn, MI
Voice: (313) 945-0044

Area Agencies on Aging of Michigan

The Senior Alliance
Area Agency on Aging 1-C
3850 Second Street, Suite 201
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone: (734) 722-2830
(800) 815-1112 (S.E. Michigan only)
• Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the independence of older persons and individuals with disabilities in western and southern Wayne County.
Area Agencies on Aging

Association for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH)

State Office: 941 Abbot Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823
Office: (517) 336-7222

SW Detroit ACMH (Wayne County)

Office: (313)895-2860
Parent line: (800) 782-0883
• ACMH provides information, support, resources, referral and advocacy for children and youth with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders and their families.

Division on Deafness
Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns

Attn: Chris Hunter
320 N. Washington Square, Suite 250
Lansing, MI 48193
Voice/ TTY: (877) 499-6232
• Our mission is affirming the indisputable right of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons to secure effective communication.
Division on Deafness

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

3111 Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI 48208
Voice: (313) 964-3900
TTY:(888) 232-4140
• Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit is changing the way Southeastern Michigan works. Our work training programs provides a launching pad, that catapults people over barriers and into careers – long-term careers, not just jobs.

Disability Network/Michigan (formerly Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living)

1476 Haslett Rd
Haslett, MI 48840
Voice & TTY: (517)339-0539
• Disability Network/Michigan is a collaborative organization representing 15 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) throughout the state.
Michigan CIL

Disability Network/Wayne County-Detroit

5555 Connor, Suite 2075
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 923-1655
• The disability Network Wayne County-Detroit is a consumer driven organization dedicated to maximizing the ability of persons with disabilities to live as independently as they choose. We encourage full participation in the everyday activities of living by providing a nurturing and supportive environment; advocating for an inclusive community; serving as a community resource; and providing a unified voice in the community.
Disability Network/ Wayne County-Detroit

Michigan Assistive Technology Resources

Voice: (800) 274-7426
Michigan Assistive Technology

Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns

320 N. Washington Square, Suite 250
Lansing, MI 48193
Voice/TTY: (877) 499-6232
• The Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns  responds to and advocates on behalf of Michigan’s 1.9 million people with disabilities.
Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

740 Lansing Rd. , Suite 400
East Lansing, MI 48823
Voice: (800) 760-4600
• MDRC believes it is important to create a disability movement that is inclusive of all people and their many identities.  Creating this type of movement takes a lot of time, education, self-analysis, and commitment.
Michigan Disability Rights Coalition

Michigan Land Use Institute

(Public Transportation)
205 South Benzie Rd., Box 500
Beulah, MI, 49617
Voice: (251) 882-4723
• The Institute focuses its work on land stewardship, energy development, resource protection, agriculture, transportation, and environmental and economic policy.
Michigan Land Use Institute

Michigan Partners for Parity

(Coalition for Mental Health Services)
Mental Health Association of Michigan
Voice: (248) 557-6777
• Michigan Partners for Parity, a coalition of over 50 concerned organizations, is seeking your support for proposed state law which would place no greater restriction and financial burden on coverage for brain disorders than that which exists for other medical care.
Michigan Partner for Parity

Michigan Protection and Advocacy

4095 Legacy Parkway, Suite 500
Lansing, MI 49911-4263
Voice & TTY: (800)288-5923
• Our goal is to advance the dignity, equality, self-determination, and expressed choices of individuals. Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) promotes, expands and protects the human and legal rights of people by providing them with information and advocacy.
Michigan Protection and Advocacy

National Organization on Disability (NOD)

910 Sixteenth St, NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 2006
Voice: (212) 293-5960
Email: ability@
• NOD is an independent federal agency making
recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting 54 million Americans with disabilities. Currently coordinating a multi-year study on the implementation and enforcement of the ADA.

National Program Office on Self-Determination
National Resource Center on Supported Living and Choice
Center on Human Policy

805 South Crouse
Syracuse, NY 13244-2280
Voice: 800) 894-0826
TTY: (315) 443-4355)
• The Center on Human Policy (CHP) is a Syracuse University based policy, research, and advocacy organization involved in the national movement to insure the rights of people with disabilities. Since its founding, the Center has been involved in the study and promotion of open settings (inclusive community opportunities) for people with disabilities.
Center on Human Policy

Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA)
Michigan Chapter

40550 Grand River Avenue
Novi, MI 38375
Voice: (248) 476-9000
• Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) has served Michigan for 45 years, “making a difference” in the lives of veterans, their families, and the public.

Self-Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH)

Liz Kobylak, State Coordinator
1938 Canary Court
Voice & TTY: (517) 487-2583
• Hearing Loss Association of Michigan is an all-volunteer non-profit organization providing information, advocacy and support for people who do not hear well.

Social Security Administration

19853 West Outer Drive, Second floor
Dearborn, MI 48124
Voice: (800) 772-1213
TTY:(800) 325-0778
Social Security

United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan

3401 East Saginaw, Suite 216
Lansing. MI 48912
Voice: 517-203-1200/800-828-2714
Fax: 517-203-1203
• We’re here to give you tools and information! We offer information and resources to parents whose children have recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
UCP- Michigan

United Cerebral Palsy – Metro Detroit

23077 Greenfield, Suite 205
Southfield, MI 48075
Voice: 248-557-5070
Fax: 248-557-4456
UCP – Detroit

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