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Susan Fitzmaurice 

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Susan has committed her life to disability activism. Her focus has changed as the role of people with disabilities has changed in society and as a result of adopting her son, Teddy, who has Down syndrome.


Her earliest activism was as a teenage volunteer at Plymouth State Home & Training School. What she witnessed there encouraged her to become a pioneer in the special education movement. In less than a decade that focus changed to being a proponent of inclusive education, community living, and self-determination.Susan has been a board member of numerous disability organizations, including the Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy.~ She is also an active member of Not Dead Yet.

Susan is published in the journals Disability Studies Quarterly and Sexuality & Disability. She has made dozens of presentations to regional, state, and international conferences around issues of disability.

Susan has a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from Thomas Jefferson College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Grand Valley State University, and a Master of Science degree in rehabilitation counseling from Syracuse University. She has also done extensive coursework in special education at Bank St. College and in Disability Studies through the Center on Human Policy.

Susan serves as a liaison between the city and the Dearborn Commission on Disability concerns, in addition to being the ADA Coordinator for the city of Dearborn. She also is the ADA Coordinator for the Blue Water / Wayne County Center for Independent Living.

“For people without disabilities, technology makes things convenient, for people with disabilities, it makes things possible.”

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